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It's not possible or practical to obtain scans of the brain as it functions (or doesn't) for everyone in a vegetative state.
While turning down the plea of mercy killing on March 7, 2011, the Supreme Court, however, allowed passive euthanasia of withdrawing life support to patients in permanently vegetative state ( PVS).
The researchers showed that the rich and diversely connected networks that support awareness in the healthy brain are typically -- but importantly, not always -- impaired in patients in a vegetative state.
The Uzbek Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Academy of Sciences commissioned to provide protection of a vegetative site until the completion of decontamination, technical and biological reclamation of land.
In essence, persistence of the vegetative state or death are the primary outcomes remaining.
Owen then asked Scott a question he had been hoping to ask a vegetative state patient for a long time: "Are you in any pain?
Currently, halting treatment is the only legal method guaranteed to allow death in patients in a vegetative state.
Currently, halting such treatment is the only legal method guaranteed to allow death in patients in a vegetative state, But it can mean watching a long, slow death, Celia warned.
The results suggest patients in a vegetative state can register and categorize complex visual information and connect it to memories - a groundbreaking finding.
William May, an American Catholic theologian, calls the "persistent vegetative state" a form of deep unconsciousness.
The Plant species in two generative and vegetative phases was gathered during April to June from Mishudagh region in East Azerbaijan and was analyzed in terms of Taxonomy with Iranica flora [5] and the representative sample in herbarium of plant biology department of Islamic Azad University of Marand (No.
The doctors deny that the former president is in a vegetative state," the statement added.