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The Role of Culture in vitro Laboratory ISABU in Gisozi availing of healthy start planting material for vegetatively propagated crops.
Many bermudagrass cultivars are vegetatively propagated monocultures, and the close genetic similarity within the Tifgreen family makes it hard to tell cultivars apart.
8% of new plants were produced vegetatively by rooting of isolated cladodes or separation of established cladodes.
It is a tropical fruit and propagated vegetatively through suckers.
The species is spectacular and showy both vegetatively as well as in flower.
Hydrilla in Florida reproduces vegetatively from plant fragments and root structures.
When the vegetation is kept very short, as it has been in the school playing field, the meadow thistle spreads vegetatively but cannot have sex as its long flowering stems are cut off before they have time to develop.
Genetic engineering as an alternative method of banana improvement has the advantage that new characteristics can be brought into the plant without changing the desirable characteristics of the existing cultivar and, as the plant is vegetatively propagated, these characters, if expressed, offer an immediate genetic gain.
From many of these seed-grown trees, producers identified and vegetatively propagated (mainly through grafting) untold apple varieties, some of which were specifically adapted to a farm's microclimate.
1999, Saltonstall 2002), its ability to thrive in low water conditions and to quickly spread vegetatively by rhizomes and stolons into exposed mudflats (Marks et al.
In some places, there are species of Attalea, Scheelea and Orbignya types which are vegetatively almost identical but which can be readily recognized when staminate flowers are available.