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Importance of desiccation for the cryopreservation of recalcitrant seed and vegetatively propagated species.
1999, Saltonstall 2002), its ability to thrive in low water conditions and to quickly spread vegetatively by rhizomes and stolons into exposed mudflats (Marks et al.
Although estimates of Sargassum biomass in the western North Atlantic have varied (Howard and Menzies, 1969; Butler and Stoner, 1984), the majority of pelagic Sargassum has persisted and reproduced vegetatively in the western North Atlantic Ocean for at least decades and probably for hundreds to thousands of years (Parr, 1939).
He said: "The idea is simple and is based on the fact that many plants reproduce vegetatively and by doing so live to great ages.
Arabidopsis grows vegetatively as a rosette initially and requires a "long day" for the inflorescence (flower stalk) to bolt and produce flowers and seed (Figure 1).
CUTTING PROPAGATION: A GUIDE TO PROPAGATING AND PRODUCING FLORICULTURE CROPS is for the serious college-level horticulture collection: it covers vegetatively propagated varieties and provides the latest information on cutting and rooting for optimum results.
First break pinsets are more consistent because the constant battle of forcing a reproductive initiative on a vegetatively growing medium is not there.
The successful cultivation of the species in the experimental trial, resulted in standardizing methodology for mass level propagation of this species from its various organs vegetatively, which is very much unique to this species.
People are mortal, but plants, from their ability to be vegetatively propagated or cloned, can - in a sense - live on forever.
It is not easy to multiply this plant vegetatively.
Sawgrass expanses look as if they might have arisen from one plant spreading vegetatively, but Richards' earlier work indicated that the plants often reproduce sexually.