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He calls it a vehemens applicatio mentis ad aliquid, which Reichberg says would be better captured by the English word concentration.
Syncretic as always, Darwin merged Cullen's definition of nostalgia ("in absentibus a patria, vehemens eundum revisendi desiderium," or "in persons absent from their native country, a vehement desire of revisiting it") with Samuel Johnson's Dictionary definition of calenture ("a distemper in hot climates wherein [sailors] imagine the sea to be green fields"):
This scorbutic Nostalgia, "in absentibus a patria, vehemens eundum revisendi desiderium," belongs to the second species of Doctor Cullen's Genus" (Observations on the Scurvy; with a review of the opinions lately advanced on that disease .
Athanasius, whom Hilary of Poitiers labels as vehemens auctor of the Nicene faith, (4) says that the Fathers of the council wrote the word homoousios in order to avoid, once and for all, the tendentious and corrupted interpretations of the Arians.
It's also the sincerity and nobility of vehemens et liquidus puroque simillimus.
This category of vehemens horror is one that has been overlooked in some of the bishops' statements on feeding and hydrating patients who are in a persistently vegetative state.