vehement condemnation

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The Foreign and Expatriates Ministry also expressed Syria's vehement condemnation of the terrorist attack which targeted Peshawar city in Pakistan.
The OIC's Secretary-General issued a statement published by the sisterly Saudi News Agency (SPA) today (Sunday: July 21, 2013) in which His Excellency expressed vehement condemnation of the perpetration of such act of terrorism during the holy month of Ramadan and reiterated the OIC's firm stance in support of the Kingdom of Bahrain's unity and the OIC's rejection of any attempt aimed to jeopardize its security and stability.
As for the growing influx of displaced Syrians in Lebanon, the statement voiced the Future bloc's vehement condemnation of the way the Lebanese government is handling the issue.
The strike was an unwarranted and shameful act of aggression deserving of the most vehement condemnation from members of the international community and those who care for peace.
vehement condemnation of a US church call for burning copies of Holy Quran on
The blood of the victims who fell on the morning after Laylat Al-Qadr, the Holy Month of Ramadan's "Night of Measures", calls for the most vehement condemnation.
Perhaps the most vehement condemnation of Christianity was issued by Malcolm X, who argued in his Autobiography that
We would not accept every word of his vehement condemnation but can understand his frustration, because his sense of let-down is shared by many Scots.
Spain in the heart, written in 1937, is a vehement condemnation of fascism and a tribute to the people of Spain who struggled against tyranny.
The source expressed Syria's vehement condemnation of the Israeli occupation forces' assassination of Palestinian Minister Ziad Abu Ain, who was head of the Anti-Wall and Settlement Commission in the Palestinian Authority.
Jeddah: May 12 --(BNA)-- The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC)'s Secretary-General, Professor Ekmeledin Ihsanoglu, expressed the Organization's vehement condemnation of the two car bomb explosions in Reyhanli in the Republic of Turkey which resulted in tens of innocent fatalities.