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cried he, turning his veiled face round the circle of pale spectators.
While his auditors shrank from one another, in mutual affright, Father Hooper fell back upon his pillow, a veiled corpse, with a faint smile lingering on the lips.
Boris did not appear to notice the constraint the newcomer produced and, with the same pleasant composure and the same veiled look in his eyes with which he had met Rostov, tried to enliven the conversation.
Boris, with one leg crossed over the other and stroking his left hand with the slender fingers of his right, listened to Rostov as a general listens to the report of a subordinate, now looking aside and now gazing straight into Rostov's eyes with the same veiled look.
But the veiled woman had possession of me, body and soul.
Finally, as discussed later in the paper, a very small percentage of Muslim women wear face-covering veils in Western Europe; the majority of Muslim women, if veiled, wear hijabs.
Although veiled females in Egypt generally coordinate the colours of their veils with long tunics, maxi-skirts or pants -the average standard of Muslim women's wear in urban Egypt- many choose their hijabs depending on the colours of their outfits, rather than the style that best fits their faces.
Summary: The exclusion of Moroccan veiled presenters from state TV has been stirring much controversy with many blaming them for not taking the necessary action against such discriminatory practices and others viewing the matter as blown out of proportion while official statements promise reform.
1) I will not allow a veiled nurse to give me injection.
Summary: CAIRO -- Hundreds of Salafists, including dozens of veiled women, protested outside Al-Azhar offices in northern Cairo on Thursday, urging the mufti, Egypt's top Muslim cleric who issues religious edicts, to backtrack his view on the veil.
Whatever non-Muslims may feel about this garment, it is surely a question of personal liberty as to whether a woman chooses to have her face veiled or not.
In addition to proposing the bill, Hollobone said he would refuse to hold meetings with veiled Muslim woman.