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Except for this special case, velar PZ /*k/ regularly remains PEI /*k/, and palatal PZ /*k/ regularly remains PEI /*k/.
Unaspirated, voiceless, velar, stop contrasts with aspirated, voiceless, velar, stop.
2b) Davi (2:1)--Sistema Fonologico LABIAL DENT/ALV PAL-ALV PALATAL VELAR PLOSIVA p b t d kg FRICATIVA f v s z -- NASAL m n n LIQUIDA LAT l -- NAO-LAT -- R (2b') Davi (2:1)--Exemplos de dados Informante Output da crianca b) Davi (2:1) barquinho [ba'kinu] chave ['savi] estrela ['tela] janela [za'n[?
In addition, the attested sequences must be either coronal C2 + non-coronal C3 or velar C2 + labial C3.
Cochlear implantation lowered all of these scores consistently, although the only statistically significant difference was in the velar component (p < 0.
I use |ng| for a velar nasal consonant (much as in English
Pre to post-treatment comparisons of lingual to velar placement suggested improvement; although the perceptual assessment of the target productions were not error-free and experimental control was limited.
In German, that same convention 'ch' will represent the velar sound as in 'ich', which is, in turn, represented by 'j' in Spanish in such words as 'mujer'.
Entre as duas, estabelece-se um enlace que diz respeito a vida pessoal do narrador: ao velar o pai moribundo no hospital, ele assistira a morte do companheiro de quarto daquele, um fotografo americano de oitenta anos que, antes de morrer, toma equivocadamente o narrador por um certo 'Bill Cohen', que se supunha morto, mas cuja visita ele vinha esperando ha anos.
A fourth characteristic of Ketungau Sesat variants is the weakening of the final velar nasal, /[eta]/, which is retained only as nasalization of the preceding vowel.
In opposition to the disintegration of time and the associated memorial loss, to the impelling forgetfulness of history, the poet holds up the barely "legible signs" of primordial kings, a language that emerges from the caverns of time to carry its symbolic and eternal message: "Perhaps / blurred little by little by the winds / there were once also drawings / of trees, springs, / the sacred stuff of an age / briefly retold--/ now wrapped up for us in its own nothingness / were it not for those mortal, pointed flints, / the desperate antennae handing down / a language made only of velar sounds" (84).
Lograr las ambiciones profesionales, invertir en seguridad, velar por la integracion y dar acceso a la formacion, crear un marco y las mejores condiciones laborales, muchas realidades para una gestion de empresa en la que la dimension humana forma parte de los valores esenciales.