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If there is a velopharyngeal closure deficit, vowels and oral sonorants may be produced with excessive nasal resonance.
Generally, the etiologies of such problems are structural or neurological, and surgery or prosthetic management are the primary means of treatment to achieve velopharyngeal closure for speech (McWilliams et al.
While surgery and prosthetic management are the typical treatments, there is a small subset of clients who may improve velopharyngeal closure for speech through behavioral treatment.
Structure/Function Relationships of Velopharyngeal Closure
That is, the muscles act in coordinated fashion to achieve velopharyngeal closure for speech.
If the concept of coordinative structures is applied to velopharyngeal closure for speech, activity of the velopharynx could be characterized as a synergistic relationship among the muscles, which are active during closure (Kuehn & Moller, 2000).