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Buyer or purchaser; an individual to whom anything is transferred by a sale.

The term vendee is ordinarily used in reference to a buyer of real property.


n. a buyer, particularly of real property.

See: consumer, customer, patron


a person to whom something, especially real property, is sold; a buyer.

VENDEE, contr. A purchaser; (q.v.) a buyer.

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Includes return ferry from Portsmouth to either St Malo in Brittany or Caen in Normandy for one car and four people, seven nights' self-catering accommodation at Pierre & Vacances' Port-Bourgenay holiday village, Vendee, seven nights' self-catering accommodation at Pierre & Vacances' Port du Crouesty holiday village, Brittany and standard travel insurance (excluding pre-existing medical conditions).
He said: "I am really counting down the days until the Vendee Globe.
Welcome - or in my case, welcome back - to the Vendee.
In 2004-05 he was southern ocean safety consultant for the Vendee Globe non-stop solo round the world race, which was won by Frenchman Vincent Riou.
Just south of Brittany, The Vendee - famed for sandy beaches, locally-caught seafood and lush, picturesque countryside - was a big hit last summer with that part of Middle England which currently avoids flying if possible.
The bells of hundreds of churches rang out in celebration, and the Catholic army sang a Te Deum in thanksgiving," recalls historian Michael Davies in his book For Altar and Throne: The Rising in the Vendee.
Everyone will have favorites within the collection, but my own curiosity and interests led me toward the study of the Vendee mentioned above and two chapters by John Markoff.
Attorney Robert Goldstein, a partner with Borah Goldstein Altschuler & Schwartz, who represents the contract vendees on the Cottages and Garden, says the apartment building tenant's claim "is the natural extension of a concept run amok.
2) Christophe Auguin of France gestures on his boat after winning the Vendee Globe challenge.
Once you're in France, motor on down to the Vendee.
Initially Altitude Telecom's BreezeMAX network will be rolled out in four counties, the first to be Vendee (Vendee departement) with plans for additional counties within a year.