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The company decided to harness the strength of Twitter to help Vendible Broker's global client base stay connected using the micro-blogging tool to inform its clients about corporate news and upcoming events as well as current item requests.
85) In Coryton's view, the multiple cases which seem to approve the patentability of methods should be read to protect only the vendible product produced by that new method, i.
Poe's aim at a short vendible work of 20 lines (as she wished) turned into another "Raven" of the ideal length; see "The Philosophy of Composition" (Harrison, 14: 197)--"Raven": 108 lines and "Bells": 112, and both exploiting refrains.
In May of 2009, Apollo-X Productions originally partnered with Vendible Broker as the media agency of record, handling print advertising media and special projects.
com)-- Vendible Broker with the addition of its new Global toll free phone number (1.
In addition, as previously announced, the Company has developed an 8 ounce and 14 ounce plastic vendible bottle.
A copy of this catalogue of vendible books, written by the supervisor of the royalist propaganda machine, was acquired by George Thomason on 6 July 1659, the very day Mary Frith died.
com)-- Vendible Broker, a broker specializing in solving problems that can not be solved as well as locating items that can not be found as well as other related brokerage services, today announced the continued expansion of its brokerage platform with the addition of key hires in sales and relationship management.
5 million units per month in July, an aggressive 'hard launch' set with Coca-Cola Enterprises ("CCE") of our products, the introduction of our 8 ounce vendible bottle for the CCE school program and the large store channel roll out at CCE, we are confident of being able to support the anticipated demand for our products.
com)-- The company Vendible Broker greatly values its clients business and has recently made the announcement that it has added a global toll free number instead of the previous local numbers.
La tradicion intelectual que a mediados del siglo 20 se afanaba por explorar la identidad del mexicano, a Jorge Ibarguengoitia le parecia risible e infructuosa; (8) los productos culturales que pretenden sintetizar esa identidad (destilados de idiosincrasia, vendibles bajo la etiqueta de un arte muy mexicano), Sheridan los encuentra execrables.
As Franz Ingelfinger said, "A physician who merely spreads an array of vendibles in front of the patient or family and then says, 'Go ahead and choose, it's your life,' is guilty of shirking his duty, if not of malpractice.