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The internal bond and shear strength of hardwood veneered particleboard composites.
Decim will launch the veneered Denzir coping on the Scandinavian market on March 1, 2000.
The face checking of hardwood veneered panels where appearance is important is a long-standing problem for both manufacturers and consumers (Batey 1955).
A veneered panel (Figure 1) is typically manufactured by gluing a thin slice of natural wood to an engineered wood product, such as plywood, MDF or particleboard.
For the 19 years CCN International has been in existence, veneered panels have been essential to its products and ultimately its success.
Tentative topics include specifying veneer, profile wrapping, green certification issues, veneeer processing equipment advances, and sanding and finishing veneered panels.
With the look of "real wood" remaining immensely popular, veneered furniture, cabinets and components are coming to the forefront in the production arena, both in the large and small shop.
Identifying a need for more veneer suppliers in the Midwest, the principals in Principle Fixture and Millwork -- a leading Minnesota-based architectural woodworking firm -- formed a separate, independent company to manufacture custom veneered panels.
The majority of the furniture is of a composite wood base which is then either painted or veneered.
One of the big steps the company made with an eye to future growth and diversity of jobs is offering veneered products.
What we're seeing now in veneering is the ability to get a good joint and good veneered surface at a low cost.