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And, of course, there is almost certain to be fear that vengeful coworkers will abuse the system.
In addition to your many outstanding qualities, you can be manipulative, vengeful and deceitful.
ISLAMABAD, March 13, 2010 (Frontier Star): Following media reports, the officials of ministry of Zakat & Ushr has slapped a vengeful ban on internees in ministry.
I was brought up to believe that God was not a vengeful God.
A VENGEFUL killer was branded a "coward" by the father of the three-year-old girl he murdered.
A perpetrator's fate should not depend on whether their victim's family are vengeful or forgiving.
Uma Thurman's vengeful bride in Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill was named the best "weapon-wielding" movie hero in the survey of 2000 film fans.
Close played the vengeful, bunny-boiling "other woman" in the 1987 thriller who refuses to let her affair with the married man played by Michael Douglas come to an end.
Coronation Street fans will tonight see the vengeful mum-of-one, played by Kate Ford, in a police cell after being arrested.
There, ghastly surgical payback awaits at the hands of a vengeful doctor (Miguel Lunardi), who talks a good game about harvesting organs for Brazil's impoverished sick but is really only in it for the money.
Contemplating the nature of God, as experienced by the Puritan women whose own devout beliefs were put sorely to the test by their vengeful countrymen, A Witch In The Family is a transcendental study of fundamental truths the accused woman of over three hundred years ago may well have grasped in their hearts and minds.
In this version, Prince Siegfried falls in love with Odette at night, when she is still a maiden, and he witnesses her dawn transformation into a swan at the hands of the vengeful Rothbart.