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Shylock is shown to have sustained such injury, and he has chosen to vengefully embrace a vicious view of Jews and make it his own.
She or he who should be vengefully and morally punished was, for Protestants, not Elizabeth's killer but a Catholic pretender to the throne, as the 1584 Bond of Association made clear.
Four of these narratives position women as victims; in the fifth the female protagonist acts vengefully.
She proceeds onward to describe the practices of "the savages of America," who torture their war captives not sadistically or vengefully, but as a trial of the captives' soul, a practice, she emphasizes, that depends on the fundamental likeness of the enemies' souls to those of the torturers.
Whether you are trying to show that a company's CEO vengefully retaliated for a sexual harassment complaint against him or that an employer targeted older workers in a lay-off, your case is often won or lost during cross-examination of the defendant's witnesses.
Pierre, recently fired and witness to the roadside kiss that Hanna, vengefully seeking to drive her neighbors mad, plants on Albert before Lisette, takes comfort in Pam's repertoire.
For another, it expresses a very Hungarian sensibility - celebratorily sensual and vengefully fatalistic - but was directed by a German, Rolf Schubel, in German.
While juries in the Midwest tend to be reluctant to find for plaintiffs, when these juries find that a defendant has acted wrongfully, they do not hesitate to punish vengefully.
Adopting a recall mechanism that could be used vengefully would have the effect of telling our elected officials to cut and run on the truly challenging problems lest they find themselves ousted from office for their efforts.
This hatred of the body and of the body's life in the natural world, always inherent in the technological revolution (and sometimes explicitly and vengefully so), is of concern to an artist because art, like sexual love, is of the body.
The first thing to be said about this kind of blinkered post-Marxian reading of Emerson is precisely that it is so vengefully presentist.
He reacted vengefully when referee Styles ignored a crude foul committed on him by Scott Parker, and deserved the yellow card he received for exacting angry retribution.