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For, as Staten illuminates, the very phrase "sweeter than honey," located near the end of The Iliad (in book 18) is tied not to the satisfaction of unleashed vengefulness, but, rather the dripping poison of a vengeful anger that is never satisfied and ends in Achilles' destruction.
Observation 2, by contrast, shows that vengefulness may mitigate hold-up in the Low-game:
With so much arrogance at play, D'Souza explains, plus wilHo-power and vengefulness, it makes sense that Obama supports environmental regulations, wants the rich pay higher taxes, and plans to withdraw American troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.
I wanted to reclaim our full historical humanity, which includes rage, fervor, desperation, vengefulness -- the full range of human emotions too often denied us because such portrayals discomfit the majority.
Likewise, the myth of Apollo tending cattle, to which the Myron group alludes, refers indirectly to Apollo's slaying of the Cyclopes and the god's vengefulness is keenly felt in myths depicted on the two ivory door panels.
Narrating a story of hatred and vengefulness in the voice of a woman resolute in compassion, Barry applies a breadth of vision often absent when nationalists and revolutionaries of any nationality consider the 'other,' especially if that 'other' happens to be a loyalist of the ancient regime.
When serving the public, working to diminish one's own private events, such as worry or vengefulness, is not good leadership.
His vengefulness throws 'a gloom over every happy feeling of his breast', destroys 'all the buoyancy of his spirit', (13) and prevents him from praying; 'for between his Maker and himself there was always that barrier of sin, his desire of revenge'.
These outcomes could map onto unforgiveness as ruminations and vengefulness (McCullough, Bono, & Root, 2007).
It is because she forces him, in a fit of perverse vengefulness, into unprotected sex that she has her first abortion, a chillingly callous, assembly-line procedure that leaves her shaken and guilty.
He failed to make commandant of the Corps only because of LBJ's vengefulness, but his impact on the Corps and the way it fights is immense, as documented by Robert Coram's splendidly entertaining biography, Brute.
Is Turin merely ending Morgoth's curse by killing himself (which would mean that he has no control over his fate after all), or is he committing suicide (by Camus's definition) out of pride, vengefulness, and hate that drive him toward ruin, thereby making Morgoth's curse a self-fulfilling prophesy?