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Deliberate venial sins are a greater hindrance to our spiritual progress and must be combated more vigorously.
Though freedom from venial sin was deemed preferable, only a state of mortal sin actually prevented one from approaching the "heavenly banquet.
Again, hardly a venial sin, but knowledge of the context for such comments and their intended audience must surely be of value.
Venial sin occurred when the drinker noticed that he was drinking too much but did not believe he would actually get drunk.
We rented an economy car that looked like a venial sin compared with the yacht-sized cars favored by those little old men with peaked caps who cruise by at a steady 25 mph.
I think all "faithful Christians" will agree with me that when we commit a venial sin, we do not think even for a second that God is not our ultimate end.
Listen, son, I think we're talking about a venial sin here anyway, but for your penance I want you to read one of Ariana Huffington's columns all the way through.
and in so doing (it occurs to him now, turning another trowel's worth of soil as his wife approaches from the cherry tree) appending one more real though venial sin, the sin of lying, to the list yet to be confessed.
I'm here to tell all of you who cowered in fear of your English teachers' catching you splitting your verbs that it doesn't even register as a venial sin.
Moreover, some conditions apply, the most difficult requirement being "that all attachment to sin, even venial sin, be absent"; if not, the indulgence becomes partial.
Just Like Heaven" won't solve your theological problems about the afterlife, but enjoying it is only a venial sin.