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Favoring whist for its "grave simplicity," she would even "have stript it of some appendages, which, in the state of human frailty, may be venially, and even commendably allowed of" - allowed of because, as Elia argues, "Man is not a creature of pure reason" (39).
604), also deeply influenced by Augustine, specified that if marital intercourse were admixed with any pleasure, the law of marriage has been transgressed, venially to be sure, but transgressed (Pastoral Rule 3.
He would have known the salient themes in the work of his predecessors: (1) marriage was good in all ways before the Fall, but since then, though it remains essentially good, in practice it is almost always sinful; (2) the sinfulness in marriage derives principally from sexual activity which, though necessary and good for the procreation of offspring, is otherwise at least venially sinful; (3) as a Christian vocation marriage is intrinsically inferior to the state of consecrated virginity; and (4) marriage is a contractual partnership between a man and a woman in which the woman's chief obligation is submission.