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added, "It's not just plumbing" that harms the kidneys and liver, but also "deleterious molecules" released because of venous congestion that causes organ damage.
Up to 5% of patients with a lung carcinoma develop upper venous congestion during their illness.
2006) Evaluation of the time course of vascular responses to venous congestion in the human lower limb.
Cardiomegaly and pulmonary venous congestion may be observed on telecardiogram.
Her abdominal CT revealed a small amount of fluid in the abdomen and hepatic venous congestion with no evident intra-abdominal injuries.
Starling's curve and law indicates that venous congestion impedes the ability of the heart to maximize cardiac output.
Other symptoms include hot flushes; painful congestion of the lower abdomen or breasts; venous congestion of the legs and feet; headaches that are worse for heat, sunshine and alcohol consumption; hot flushes; insomnia; and dreams of death or funerals.