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Whenever the bathroom fan is vented through a soffit, the steam coming out is directed back into the attic, causing the wetness, which may eventually allow mold to develop.
This concept also applies to fuel-burning furnaces and water-heaters that are "atmospherically vented," which means that they require air from the living space to feed the flame, just like the traditional fireplace.
controlled pressure), the point at which the gas is injected into the mold, how the gas is vented from the part and how the gas flow channels are designed.
A kitchen fan is also best vented downward, as exemplified by Jenn-Air stoves.
Polyethylene molds are routinely vented with one or more Teflon tubes.
Several tests were run by swapping the plugged and vented inserts in the tooling, and each time voids were found when the conventional vents were used and eliminated when the inserts with the plugged venting area were used.
For better-looking solutions, call a roofing supplier (look under "Roofing Materials" in the Yellow Pages) or check out the vented drip edge at www.
As part of the Clean Air Act of 1990, owners of buildings with central air conditioning, freezers and refrigeration equipment or other systems that use coolants can be fined or sent to jail if the substances are vented after July 1.
Typically these actions have details that create gas traps and knit lines that need to be vented.
Dear Henri: I had a problem with my bathroom fan vented in the soffit.
1 : to provide with an outlet <Dangerous gases were vented to the outside.