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A small epithelized track seen in the ventral aspect of bulbar urethra.
A soft, fluid-filled mass was palpated on the ventral aspect of the neck, cranial to the thoracic inlet (Fig 1).
Exopodites of first left pleopods were 4% and 2% longer in ventral aspect for slipper and spiny lobster, respectively, (RCB ANOVA; both P<0.
At 16 to 17 mm (middle of the sixth week), a branch arises from the ventral aspect of the geniculate ganglion and courses caudally and dorsally to the glossopharyngeal ganglion.
Additionally, in patients with proximal defects and more severe ventral curvature there was an inherent higher likelihood of the dissection broadly labeled as degloving, including proximal release of the ventral aspect of the penis into the scrotum and peri-bulbar region in comparison with more distal defects.
Case Description--A 5-year-old sexually intact female blue and gold macaw (Ara ararauna) was evaluated because of a swelling on the right side of the face and irritated area on the ventral aspect of the keel.