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These sections correspond to an area of the brain that contains specific hypothalamic nuclei: the preoptic nuclei (POA) and suprachiasmatic nucleus (SC) in sections 4 through 7, and the nuclei periventricularis dorsalis (HD), ventralis (HV), caudalis (Hc), nucleus lateralis (LH), tuberis anteriores (TA), and tuberis posteriores (TP) in sections 8 through 11 (Figure 2).
Fortunately, these large midstream boulders offered adequate footing in the otherwise deep stream, and allowed inspection of their surfaces, which revealed that they harbored Bacillometra ventralis.
brachydactylus by gonopod and annulus ventralis morphology.
1940) as well as the colubrids Coluber constrictor, Heterodon platirhinos, Lampropeltis getula, Opheodrys (= Liopeltis) vernalis and Thamnophis sirtalis from Georgia, Florida or Wisconsin and the anguid lizard, Ophisaurus ventralis from Georgia (Reiber et al.
Morphological features of the crayfish, including the annulus ventralis, gonopods, and color patterns were consistent with the original description of C.