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However, it was her advice that I should not venture again, and I took her counsel, for I never went there any more; for I knew as well as she, if the itch of play came in, I might soon lose that, and all the rest of what I had got.
I dismissed my old man here, and stayed incognito for three or four days in Colchester, and then took a passage in a waggon, because I would not venture being seen in the Harwich coaches.
Moreover, other entities considering or involved in hospital joint ventures should closely watch the outcome to determine whether partnership contracts are structured so as to survive IR.
2 million from several angel investors, individuals who finance emerging entrepreneurial ventures.
A finance company with experience in joint ventures can provide a standard set of legal documents for review in setting up the venture as a partnership or a limited liability corporation.
98-15--the long-awaited guidance on the treatment of exempt hospitals involved in whole hospital joint ventures with for-profit entities--continues to affect the nonprofit health-care community.
98-15, the IRS provides guidance on structuring health care joint ventures between an exempt hospital and a taxable organization, without endangering the hospital's tax-exempt status.