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And there was in him also a fine carelessness as to what he did and a love of venturesome enterprise.
One, more venturesome than his fellows, volunteered to climb into the tree and investigate.
I could readily understand how it might have been that Caprona had been invaded in the past by venturesome navigators without word of it ever reaching the outside world, for I can assure you that only by submarine could man pass up that great sluggish river, alive.
It is certain that Sir Percival's reception of my venturesome proposal to live with his wife was more than kind, it was almost affectionate.
And the future loomed big before him, occupying his thought exclusively with all its aspects as on the eve of a venturesome enterprise.
Tristram seemed to have formed a sudden and somewhat venturesome resolution, and she smiled more intensely, as women do when they take such resolution.
It has taken two years of negotiating and planning to open with funding help from North Solihull Partnership, social investment fund CAF Venturesome and ART Business Loans which specialises in community finance.
Other stars would do well to follow her venturesome outlook-which she shares with real-life BF Xian Lim, who has been acting without Kim this year, as well.
An innovative social investment initiative funded by Legal & General and managed by CAF Venturesome has just completed a second round of investment in Wales.
Because there is a particular type of consumer - called venturesome consumerism - who is excited about trying something different, unique and innovative, he noted.
Having covered a lot of musical ground ourselves as The Unthanks, we know we are very lucky to have an open-minded and venturesome audience, ready to trust and join us on our journeys.
This innovative initiative is funded by Legal & General and managed by CAF Venturesome to help social enterprises get off the ground, thrive and drive regeneration in Wales.