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Barrett & Stanford, 1996; Depue & Collins, 1999; Evenden, 1999; Whiteside & Lynam, 2001; Zuckerman, 1996), including: sensation seeking, risk taking, novelty seeking, thrill or excitement seeking, reward seeking, extraversion, venturesomeness, hyperactivity, response perseveration, and need for immediate gratification.
Promoters, by contrast, are "those who are especially eager to profit from adjusting production to the expected changes in conditions, those who have more initiative, more venturesomeness, and a quicker eye than the crowd, the pushing and promoting pioneers of economic improvement" (254-55).
Impulsiveness, venturesomeness and sexual risk-taking among heterosexual GUM clinic attenders.
McNeal (2003), "Impact of Impulsiveness, Venturesomeness, and Empathy on Driving by Older Adults," Journal of Safety Research, September, Vol.
The spirit of venturesomeness and serendipity that characterized all he did remains with us in ways we cannot begin to name.
The analysts comment that their findings "parallel previous research on adolescents revealing finks between personal devotion, self-preservation, and a decreased tendency for self-destructive forms of venturesomeness.
Eysenck (1981) including sociability, impulsivity and optimism or venturesomeness.