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Charlie Appleby, trainer of Rouleau and Venturous is the least exposed and we're very pleased how he's progressed with each run.
98) Australia, Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Venturous Australia: Building Strengths in Innovation by Cutler & Company (September 2008) at 67, online: Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research <http://www.
There will also be a premiere screening of the upcoming fourth season of the PBS series "Art: 21 -- Art in the Twenty-First Century," and presentation of "The Venturous Vanguard Video Festival 2007.
They revere the venturous and rash, the ones who try to make a mark on the world.
Ah, but here man's heart leaps, yearning towards the gloom with venturous glee.
The residents of El Building, including Ortiz Cofer's family, eventually disfavored and mistrusted Vida because of her venturous behavior.
After the Wicklow trial, Fr O'Keeffe vanished from the forum, and we see him no more, but in fancy we behold him a lonely and pathetic figure, chafing in the enforced retirement in which he passed the remaining years of his sojourn -- a saddening example of a spirit eager and fortright, but venturous and overbold, which was lured to ruin by a zeal that was not tempered by prudence or exercised according to knowledge.
In the early '80s, Warwickshire played Surrey at The Oval and our then 46-year-old captain, Norman Gifford, gave the young Stewart a few pieces of his mind after Alec had attempted an ad venturous shot.
This year, resolve not to - and you'll find being venturous pays.
Coral: 4-7 Shalaa, 8 Ajaya, Gutaifan, 12 Buratino, Ornate, Waterloo Bridge, 16 Venturous, 20 bar.
A year ago Appleby secured his first Group 1 win in Britain when Charming Thought claimed the Middle Park Stakes, now backed by Juddmonte, and he could take on Shalaa in that contest this Saturday with Venturous.