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Fly-anglers can also reap the benefits of the trout's veracious appetite.
continually puts up with the ruthless veracity of a well-organized, well financed pro-Israeli lobby that has not hesitated to exercise tactics tantamount to extortion, bribery, blackmail, and treason; a power which grows only more veracious, and is obtaining vast proportions to this very day.
Not nearly as veracious as the magazines like to make out.
Bolger is adamant that his depiction is veracious in a selective sense, stressing that 'the interesting thing about The Journey Home is the fact that there is nothing in it that didn't happen to somebody I knew at the time of writing'.
The desire to present Schultze's encounters with the South as an authentic, veracious portrait is evident in Schorr's formal and aesthetic approach to a film that is part travelogue, part documentary, part narrative.
I doubt not the captain had this veracious picture taken for the benefit of his marines.
And while most of us don't want every detail of our life played out on camera, it seems there is still a veracious appetite for life in the Big Brother house (Thursday, Channel 4, 9pm) I won't be tuning into the whole series because it's too exhausting to contemplate but I couldn't help nosing at the gaggle of housemates.
Their progressively interlocking, mutually reinforcing confirmedness, as elements in a system of explanations, makes them ever more reliable guarantors of our veracious apprehensions.
Accordingly, any overt display of artfulness or blatant shaping of rhetorical devices inevitably weakens a documentary's capacity for veracious inscriptions of reality.
And, once disengaged from a necessarily omniscient and veracious author, the value of Torah as a source of truth is therefore open to question.
This sort of conceptualization of classroom indoctrination is noteworthy for two main reasons: 1) it assumes that the state's interpretation of the national interest is normatively veracious, and so competing definitions, particularly those opposing state normativity, necessarily comprise faulty educational material; and 2) it assumes that an instructor's primary task is to supplement or uphold the national interest, a reflection of the success activists such as Horowitz and Pipes have achieved in mainstreaming their conception of responsible pedagogy.
Through the Duchess of Norfolk, Swire was introduced to her first trainer, John Dunlop, and it was through the duchess again that she secured her first mare, Veracious, a daughter of Astec.