verbal abuse

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So the introduction of a new law, like carrier bag charging, can be a flashpoint for verbal abuse, threats or even violence.
A UNION has said it is alarmed by new figures which show a rise in the number of Welsh youngsters kicked out of school for either verbal abuse or physical assault of adults.
Ramadi / Nina / Chairman of the Anbar Provincial Council Sabah Karhot was subjected to an assault by beating and verbal abuse by displaced students from Anbar province to the province of Kirkuk.
A BBC report found the 30-second attack, which was only stopped when a witness intervened, was accompanied by a volley of verbal abuse so loud it could be heard throughout the hotel where the programme's crew were staying.
Toddler Tip: A simple way to let someone know you're hungry is verbal abuse.
MANAMA: Women in Bahrain are being urged to report incidents of sexual harassment or verbal abuse at the workplace.
DEAR HELPLESS: The signs of verbal abuse include: A spouse who calls you names; who is critical, sarcastic or mocking in an effort to humiliate or embarrass you; who yells or swears at you; who uses threats to intimidate you; who blames you for his or her behavior; who dismisses your feelings.
IT is appalling that one in five military men and women has suffered verbal abuse.
Increasing sexual assaults, harassment in public places, blaming women for the ills of Saudi society, and now, according to a report published Friday, verbal abuse directed at wives.
NURSES EXPERIENCE a mosaic of verbal abuse from patients, much of it gendered and sexualised, in their everyday work.
It shows that 62 percent of nurses are subjected to verbal abuse in the workplace and 10 percent to physical violence, which are higher rates than those faced by security guards, physicians or other emergency care workers.