verbal onslaught

See: diatribe
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The punishment is in addition to a suspended stadium ban and PS50,000 fine, which he is contesting, for a post-match verbal onslaught at referee Bobby Madley following defeat by Southampton.
My favourite verbal onslaught occurred between two members of the Conservative
The non-stop verbal onslaught meant audience members rarely got time to answer the barrage of questions faced during the typical "what's your name, where are you from, what do you?
If the players often copped an earful then Matt didn't escape such a verbal onslaught as the son.
His linguistic, intellectual, verbal onslaught has a purpose: not only to motivate but also shock his audience into activity like his predecessor, Fasseke, a "master of the masters in the art of eloquence" (Healers 51).
He said he was pushed as the man continued to shout at him and admits he may have provoked the events which followed by sarcastically saying "bravo" and clapping his hands after his aggressor had finished the verbal onslaught.
However, Clarke said that there was no need to discuss the possibility of a verbal onslaught at him from England, adding that Warner would look forward to the sledging if that happened.
It is claimed Mr Al Mohannadi, a former council chairman, started the verbal onslaught after accusing Mr Al Bakri of taking unilateral decisions by acting as a "one-man show".
In a third straight day of fiery rhetoric against regional powers, the North directed its verbal onslaught at its neighbour on Friday, saying: "'Sanctions' mean a war and a declaration of war against us.
Thus, in launching another provocative verbal onslaught Iran has "confirmed its policy of enmity and hatred that it follows regarding its Gulf neighbors," argued AN NAHAR's columnist.
TURKEY'S Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan has stepped up his verbal onslaught against the Turkish Cypriot unions and parties that demonstrated against Ankara's direct interference in the running of the north's economy.