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The verbalization of thought processes is just having kids think a little bit and then talk.
The problems of the verbalization of nonfinites and the origin of evidential modality must, therefore, be solved without documentation of the older forms of the language.
However, when a specific reinforcer is contingent upon verbalizations or correspondence, the verbalization may be functioning as a mand, or as a distorted tact (Skinner 1957), and be partially under control of what the child wants from the experimenter (i.
The authors note that verbalization may help students learn skills and apply strategies that promote self-regulation of learning and behavior, such as goal setting and addressing impulse control.
This is an entertaining read for upper primary girls with interesting verbalization of the ethical issues of friendship, while black and white cartoons enliven the text and add to the humour.
Therapists' behaviors were coded according to the Axis I of SiMCCIT, and each distinct verbalization or communicative gesture could receive one or more codes.
We use ORM here because of its strong verbalization and conceptualization facility and for its fully formal link to predicate logic.
Verbalization of thinking by expert nurses is an important part of student learning (Benner, Sutphen, Leonard, & Day, 2010), but in pressing clinical situations, expert nurses act and may not express the thoughts behind their actions.
Four themes were identified: the helper as liberating, the paramount verbalization of own needs, the creative engagement in life, and accessibility as an issue in everyday life.
Students have shown remarkable reactions to this training protocol including increased verbalization, improved gastrointestinal functioning, enhanced perceptual motor skills with pre-writing and writing tasks, and better posture and vision.
attending to contents, goal-directed thinking, and rational thinking) is possible for non-linguistic creatures because it encompasses cognitive activities that do not require either verbalization or the possession of a language.
As in psychoanalysis, the verbalization of trauma was viewed as a form of forward-looking treatment, opening up paths for new potential actions and perspectives.