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Its app, available on the Apple App Store, verbalizes objects that it sees through a smartphone's camera.
Do staff members verbalize positive feelings about the culture of my camp and take pride in what they do to keep it as I want it to be?
Anxiety disorders in children frequently are unrecognized because youngsters may only report physical aches and may be unable to verbalize "worry" or "fear," declares Emslie.
He coordinated for his wingman to verbalize airspeeds once aligned with the runway in order to ensure safe approach and landing airspeeds.
In this volume, Rawley Silver and her colleagues use the Draw-A-Story (DAS) art assessment test to gain access to fantasies and visual evidence of emotions that are difficult to verbalize.
However, it still didn't dare verbalize the root cause of the prejudice and spiritual tyranny: the actions of Pope Benedict XVI, both now and as the former Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.
Resolution Development Time -- Due May 30 Resolutions are your chance to speak your mind, verbalize needed changes, express your vision for the future, and enhance the actions and services of your Iowa Nurses Association.
Thus, as Pfeffer once wrote, "[I]t was inevitable that some convenient term should come into existence to verbalize a principle so clearly and widely held by the American people.
Based on research evidence available from classroom applications of self-regulated writing strategies, Schunk (2003) suggests extensive use of models in the classroom, especially models who verbalize their actions and thoughts as they work on a task.
Knowing how to verbalize goals, learning how to act, and in the end, getting a successful job are some lessons students are learning under a new training program.
Therapists who are not specifically trained in art therapy use it, primarily with children, to help them express thoughts and feelings they might not be able to verbalize.