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In (12), the verbalizers -pu- and -ol- are added in Pitjantjatjara (Australian, Pama-Nyungan) and Hungarian, respectively:
The device is battery powered and equipped with an RS-232 PC interface that allows configuration of the verbalizer for input range, engineering units, and high and low alarm set points.
Always the streetwise signifying verbalizer, Madhubuti offers biting and humorous critiques.
Another study used imagery orientation to categorize subjects as verbalizer or visualizer and found mixed results with respect to this categorization (Umanath et al.
We can compare the actor-focus prefix mag- with another productive actor-focus verbalizer, the infix -um-.
Thus, some people tend to reason with spatial representations, while others tend to use verbal representations (the visualizer - verbalizer distinction - see, for example, Riding, Glass & Douglas, 1993).
Her interest lies in substantiating the superiority of the 'visualizing' reader over the mere verbalizer.