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With the help of The Steps of Visualizing and Verbalizing, Shane should be able to fully engage his audience and describe his memories more vividly.
As for secondary students we detected fluency, flexibility and ability of verbalizing their reasoning.
Socially, this age group will deal with death by isolation or acting out (hostile play) because they have trouble verbalizing their feelings.
We have students verbalizing the fact that they want to abstain from violence.
This concept is called kotodama, the superstitious folk belief that a soul dwelling in words has the supernatural power to make an idea in the human brain come true simply by verbalizing it.
The "pictorial critic" has always had difficulty verbalizing what his visual study of Velazquez's paintings might reveal.
3: As 4 passes to 5, X jumps to the spot that triangulates her with 4 and 5, while verbalizing "Pistols