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Indeed, what the huge Dylan industry reveals is that ignorance, particularly intellectual ignorance, is generally verbose, while knowledge is succinct.
But he was a te rrible First Minister and his much vaunted report on Scottish football was verbose, impenetrable gobblede gook and is, in any case, lost in the long grass.
It does not matter that it is an "advisory opinion" rather than a "case;" that the judgment is extremely verbose, (the official summary of which we present excerpts on this page
At times verbose, the text provides useful and interesting insights into another country and the Muslim lifestyle but often to the detriment of the storyline which touches on terrorism, suicide bombers and potential espionage.
To the Editor: Boyce Mkhize's rather verbose attempt (1) to refute Professor Van Niekerk's editorial (2) seems a classic case of the lady protesting too much.
I get a little tired of the paragraphs of tiny type on a lot of these labels, and these are very clean and simple and understated, kind of revolutionary for the craft business, some of these verbose craft brewers should take note.
This is paradoxically balanced by the failure of Peter Sellars' verbose libretto to give Oppenheimer any engaging humanity.
This is a thoughtful, subtle and often powerful production which, despite being too verbose at times, grows more thought-provoking as it builds to its conclusion.
In this poetic picture book a verbose cow describes all the things she loves about her life, which is everything
He was locked in a heated debate with one sceptical, verbose Birmingham City fan at the time.
A verbose, descriptive, and often intimate portrait of all the good and bad in a soon-to-be mother's life.
Those sharing passage with Edmund include Prettiman, a verbose radical (Sam Neill); a pragmatic if luckless governess (Victoria Hamilton); a troubled parson (Daniel Evans); blustery artist Brocklebank (Richard McCabe); and his voluptuous daughter, Zenobia (Paula Jennings), as well as the ship's arrogant captain (Jared Harris) and a defensive lieutenant (Jamie Sives) who becomes an unlikely ally.