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From left, Luke's father I would welcome the opportunity to explain in more detail the reasons for my observations but I shall precis as follows: | I have never disputed Mr Mort's desire to fight social injustice as he sees it; only questioned his political judgement and verbosity.
Victor in Paris from 1162 until he died in 1172, says British dogmatic and historical theologian Angelici, and though he was an important spiritual writer and thinker of the time, his heavy Latin prose, verbosity, and repetition have inhibited the translation of his work into modern languages.
Though Lil B has moments of great lucidity, verbosity is not his principal attraction.
A pending exam, a colleague's verbosity or a boring film can often lead us to complain about these being or causing us a 'headache'.
The fiddle solo, Mabel Kelly, uncorked a strange bout of verbosity from one audience member.
Omirou is an honest and good man who will do a good job as House president, despite his tendency for verbosity, which he illustrated during yesterday's acceptance speech.
much greater than] Views on the Visual Environment: Legendary and longtime LD+A contributor Louis Erhardt was known for his charming verbosity.
ISLAMABAD, January 24, 2011 (Balochistan Times): Federal Minister for Education Sardar Aseff Ahmed Ali, Monday, urged the students to focus on logic and reason and shun emotions and verbosity in their debates.
Stick to it; and don't let fluff and flowers and verbosity creep in.
Rathore's canvas, meanwhile, is rather sparse and works through allusion and minimalism, rather than verbosity -- indicative of his design work as well.
In summary, this is well researched and written--except for occasional flights into verbosity and jargon--grounded in archival, popular, and printed sources, as well as numerous secondary works.
Too often I have seen important details get lost in this sea of pointless verbosity.