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Our order Verbum Dei (Word of God) was founded in 1963 by Fr.
Dei Verbum [section]4 states that God "sent his Son, the eternal Word who enlightens all humankind, to live among them and to tell them about the inner life of God.
Verbum, insofar as it is opposed to vox, is not only a critical distinction in itself.
This is an understatement, and is in my estimation the real issue at stake in "Sprache und Verbum.
In fact, biblical, patristic, and scholastic writings concerning the Verbum agree in viewing a fundamental relation between the Verbum and human rational life, or verbum mentale.
While almost all students at Cristo Rey are Catholic, only about half at De La Salle North Catholic and Verbum Dei are.
In a first appendix, the author includes a list of the various stages of redaction of the document on divine revelation, and, in a second, the schema and text of what started out as a constitution on the sources of revelation (De fontibus revelationis), followed by the text of Dei verbum prepared by the subcommission for its meeting of April 20-25, 1964, which finally led to the promulgation of the Constitution.
The $1,000 scholarship recipients by school include: Silvia Manzano from David Starr Jordon High School; Fabiola Mendoza from Heritage College Ready Academy; Kiandra Brown, Rubi Garcia, Mariah Glenn, and Irlanda Gonzalez from King Drew Magnet High School of Medicine and Science; Marquis Williams from Lou Dantzler Preparatory High School; Bianca Mendoza from Thomas Riley High School; and Nicolas Cardenas and Travis White from Verbum Dei High School.
It is deliberately selective in the themes it treats and the documents it draws on, mainly three constitutions (Sacrosanctum concilium on the liturgy, Lumen gentium on the church, and Dei verbum on divine revelation and its transmission), as well as the decree Ad gentes on the church's missionary activity, and the declaration Nostra aetate on the church's relation to other living faiths.
The theme of the assembly was "Revelation in Our Lives and Time," drawn from Del Verbum, Vatican II's primary document on Scripture.
To read scripture according to the mind of the Church, Dei Verbum teaches, is to read each passage of scripture in the context of the whole Bible, in the light of the apostolic traditions of the Church, and in harmony with the teachings of the Church.