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She pours the smoking verdancy into a martini glass.
The verdancy of this interpretive landscape has invited--indeed generated--almost 150 years of conflicting exegesis, a perpetual motion that, if tendentious sell concealment was his aim, has amply served the author's design.
Her liberal application of language makes for richly textured poems that read as lush as heavily vegetated thickets in summer's full verdancy.
Indeed Californios "of degree" would have sat while Indians, addicted to the alcohol with which they were often paid for their labors, tended all that lush verdure, except that such verdancy didn't exist because this was a cattle economy until the droughts of the early 1860s, and citrus only began to be cultivated in the mid1870s.
More specifically, little patches of verdancy are appearing on the otherwise bleak landscape of the U.
So little spice, so little lively verdancy, so little spark for new visions of wholeness in public life.
But while the gloves afford Miss Skiffins an "outward and visible sign" of class propriety, their verdancy promises a sexual steaminess as surely as her unwillingness to remove them withholds it.
Verdancy versus summer water use is a balance you'll have to strike on your own.
A scattering of pea shoots added verdancy and a well-judged lemon dressing provided vibrant notes.
Later on there will be flowers too but for now their verdancy is more than enough.
50, chd PS1 Later on there will be flowers too but for now their verdancy is more than enough.