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It was meant to bring Iran in from the cold, provided it verifiably relinquished the ability to break out with a nuclear weapon.
The two on Berman's list that seem verifiably erroneous are polio and the plague.
Mr Osborne told MPs that the Treasury was in discussions with the banks on "a new settlement where the banks pay smaller bonuses than they otherwise would have done; are more transparent about those they do pay; make a greater contribution to local communities and regional economies; treat customers more fairly; and above all lend materially and verifiably more than they were planning to lend to the busi-nesses of Britain.
He said North Korea's actions, including its alleged torpedoing of a South Korean warship, required the United States to ''understand better the nature'' of the North's behavior and have raised questions about ''whether they are actually prepared to live up to their obligation to disarm completely, verifiably and irreversibly.
Frankie Gallagher, of the Ulster Political Research Group, read a UDA statement which said: "The leadership can confirm that all weaponry under its control has been put verifiably beyond use.
It was stripped down but still verifiably Japanese, with rectangular door and window frames.
On the question of Iran's nuclear program, Bush stressed it is important for the country to listen to ''the just demands of the world to verifiably suspend its (uranium) enrichment program.
Meanwhile, the facts speak for themselves: The verifiably oldest person, the Frenchwoman Jeanne Calment, died in 1997 at age 122, and no one is close to breaking her record.
The US president dismissed talk of divisions between hardline Washington and Europe, which plans a new package of diplomatic and economic incentives if Iran will verifiably halt uranium enrichment.
Acknowledging that no narrative can now be verifiably identified as virgin oral free of literate taint, scholars of English literature assert that nevertheless there were oral practices in the early modern period, mostly associated with women.
that North Korea was verifiably complying with its promises to end its nuclear weapons program, eliminate its ballistic missile threat and stop further ballistic missile technology imports.
SS: All of our efforts are geared towards the end-consumer's demand for higher quality food and, in some instances, verifiably higher quality.

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