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3) Their work suggests four important areas to consider when verifying the accuracy of information: (i) authority, (ii) independent corroboration, (iii) plausibility and support, and (iv) presentation.
Valley VOTE was given 48 hours to come up with the $10,000 so the signature verifying can begin.
But controversy surrounds NIST's choice of an unfamiliar mathematical algorithm as the federal standard for generating and verifying a digital signature.
By formally verifying RTL clock gating changes, SLEC CG is able to find elusive corner-case bugs and provide designers an efficient, block-level debug environment.
The company's patented technology improves chip implementation by automatically generating and verifying exceptions to single-cycle clocking from RTL and netlist descriptions.
The N2X N5591A MEF 14 CTS provides fine-grain test cases for Frame Delay, Frame Delay Variation, Frame Loss Ratio, and Bandwidth Profile Rate Enforcement, verifying service attributes that must be met for a device to comply with the cornerstone MEF 10 specification.
Intel today said it is working with a wide variety of movie, music, television, gaming and photo editing companies worldwide and announced that more than 40 are already testing and verifying services and software applications to meet this objective.
The support of the Agilent N2X was essential in evaluating the MPLS-to-GMPLS migration scenarios verifying the overlay of an MPLS network over GMPLS," said Rajiv Papneja, of Isocore.
In response to recent reports of difficulties in verifying the identity of people affected by Hurricane Katrina, principally through the loss of identity verifying documentation, Verid, Inc.
The audit function VERIFY samples tracks on volumes to insure that they have been erased, verifying a percentage of the volume by default or the entire volume if needed.