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Island storytellers were engaged as cultural consultants for the film to ensure verisimilitude.
Formerly known as Ross Campbell, writer/artist Sophie Campbell presumably appreciates an outsider's view of the world, and her characters, students at a southern art school, bring a refreshing sense of verisimilitude to the book.
As one can see, Friz was influenced by Aristotle and Horace, but he developed an interpretation of classical French tragedy that differs from many of his colleagues, who preferred a moderate respect for the dramatic rules combined with an ornate and festive kind of theater; for Friz, the overriding aim of moral improvement could only be achieved by strict adherence to the three classical unities and to the concept of verisimilitude.
In this work, the author advocates for African American aesthetic abstractionism--a representational mode whereby an artwork, rather than striving for realist verisimilitude, vigorously asserts its essentially artificial character.
Potent performances by stars Katie Holmes and Luke Kirby, strong contributions by well-cast supporting players and an overall sense of understated verisimilitude offset the predictable aspects of the narrative, and should enable this handsomely produced indie to curry the critical favor it will need to attract audiences in theatrical and home-screen platforms.
In Chapter 10, [section]3, of (1963), Popper proposed that false hypotheses may in principle be compared by verisimilitude (or truthlikeness); that is, by the extent to which one of them is closer to, or approximates better, in a well defined sense, the whole truth T, the class of all true statements in the language under consideration.
In fact, Gottsched pushes this idea to the point that he replaces the notion of verisimilitude with a claim to raw truth: "Alle ihre [der Fabeln] Helden leben.
Those who are willing to put verisimilitude aside (Why was her father never suspicious of her stepmother?
From its very beginnings, the cinema has relied on special effects as a means of depicting verisimilitude.
Agood book, as I told my creative writing students the other morning, will always have a whiff of verisimilitude about it.
Eric Fielding's handsome sets, originally designed for Utah Opera, and Susan Memmott Allred s period costumes drew the audience into the atmosphere of 14th -century Verona with convincing verisimilitude, while director Allison Grant's eye for detail was never at the expense of the productions big picture.
Central to Daitch's elegant modulation between the national and individual, the past and the present, is the texture of her prose, which transcends verisimilitude in pursuit of revelation: "How is an office building like a human body?