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Embroiled in hosting the next meeting as I currently am, it's not so much a whiff of verisimilitude I'm rocking.
This gesture forms part of the larger phenomenon of operating on the assumption that texts are inherently verisimilar unless one finds evidence to prove otherwise, in the process naturalizing presence and verisimilitude.
Modern scholars who study verisimilitude associate the style primarily with Song-Qi-Liang times (420-557) and the poetic genre of shi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (sh[i.
The charge against him related to a passage in Verisimilitude, of which Nicolaides says only a handful of copies were sold.
He was prosecuted for slandering the Thai royal family in his 2005 self-published novel, Verisimilitude.
Clearly, verisimilitude is not confirmation, but it's not corroboration either (82).
Every transport ticket, Magic-Markered inscription, yellowing exhibition sticker, and penciled notation has been cloned, the frames, stretchers, and mounting hardware rendered with painstaking verisimilitude, down to the last scuffed crossbar or rusty screw.
Continuous narrative is specifically ruled out on the grounds that it undermines the verisimilitude of the picture.
This is based on the author's own life, which accounts for the verisimilitude and telling details, from food to household tasks, clothing, school and hospital.
It expresses a sense of conjunction, repetition, interrelation among historical eras, and its almost hallucinatory verisimilitude and painstaking technique seem to suspend time, to evoke a compelling impression of both historical simultaneity and the current moment" (267).
In fact, we shall have to be content with the more modest claim of verisimilitude.
The established nutrition liturgy (definition: "a form and arrangement of public worship laid down by a church or religion") has been feeding us this vegan verisimilitude for 50 years.