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to which I replied, "Don't be ridiculous it is veritably one of the most humid days of the year so far my dear
We are the 'frigid personifications'; the heavens above us are the 'shadowy abstractions'; the world which we mistake for reality is the flat outline of that which elsewhere veritably is in all the round of its unimaginable dimensions.
Timmy, Gavin and Jack each spoke about how RBMA is one of the very best things they've ever been involved with, veritably life changing.
But as he expounds in his paean to sack drinking in 2 Henry IV, the powerful "two-fold operation" of the best sherry sack can cure cowardice, stimulate wit, and veritably reshape identity (on which, more below).
provide a community for veritably any known social subject, no matter
As Joseph Massad writes: "For his mastery of cinematic style, the diversity of his range, and his wide appeal both to the intelligentsia and the masses, he can be veritably called the doyen of Egyptian and Arab cinema and a teacher to new generations of directors" (78).
During our last meeting over a candlelit Thai dinner lubricated with some local red wine, Greenwald is veritably fizzing with all his plans.
Empty space is veritably the chief means by which the Zen-minded artist could invoke the larger, all-inclusive whole and display a cosmic consciousness.
She veritably rips his shirt from his back and then drags him off for a bit of furtive coconut-shelling under the light of the silvery moon.
I was expecting the beer to charge at me, inn the same way the song from the band's fourth studio album veritably screams.
The vitalities of a diversity of non-humans, as Jake Kosek and Neel Ahuja also show, are being rendered co-extensive with an order of security that seeks to become veritably ecological through its integration with life processes.
My cousin's response to this has now been veritably singed into my brain: "Think of them as victims," he said.