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And his wife dealt out stockings, and calico shirts, and smock frocks, and comforting drinks to the old folks with the "rheumatiz," and good counsel to all; and kept the coal and clothes' clubs going, for yule-tide, when the bands of mummers came round, dressed out in ribbons and coloured paper caps, and stamped round the Squire's kitchen, repeating in true sing-song vernacular the legend of St.
Thus I was given to understand that he was the captain, the "Old Man," in the cook's vernacular, the individual whom I must interview and put to the trouble of somehow getting me ashore.
Could rotary levers be substituted for two of the limbs, agreeably to the improvement in my new order of phalangacrura, which might be rendered into the vernacular as lever- legged, there would be a delightful perfection and harmony in the construction.
Zhao's long-awaited book The Uneasy Narrator provides a dynamic perspective much needed in the study of Chinese vernacular fiction.
So how do trees get their vernacular (AKA common, popular, English, or non-scientific) names?
Brought down to bare bones, this book is concerned with the restoration of vernacular vision, when peace was peace, before it became tainted with the distorted meaning of the Roman pax.
It's very helpful for shoppers to hear from other shoppers in their own vernacular to help them make informed purchase decisions.
It is the argument of this project that vernacular Aristotelianism made fundamental contributions to the thought of the period, anticipating many of the features of early modern philosophy and contributing to a new encyclopaedia of knowledge.
Vernacular theology; Dominican sermons and audience in late medieval Italy.
Speaking on the occasion, Mukherjee called upon schools and colleges to encourage the reading of the abundant prose and verse that has been published in India's vernacular languages.
First, I will urge expansion of the vernacular beyond the spoken word.
Many bishops have been reluctant to permit this in order to support the new 1970 Mass in the vernacular.