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Based on multivariate regression analysis, age above 45 years, mRS scores of 3-5 at admission, presentation of dissection as stroke, presence of HT and HC, and dissection in the intracranial vertebral artery were significantly related to in-hospital mortality in patients with CCAD (Table 2).
In adults with manipulation-related vertebral artery aneurysm/dissections and associated ischemic infarcts, coexistent subarachnoid hemorrhage occurs in about 60% of cases.
Patients with transverse process fractures of the cervical spine and upper cervical vertebral body fractures should undergo CTA to exclude vertebral artery injury.
Mr Jones ruptured his vertebral artery and his life support machine was switched off the following day.
Injury to the vertebral artery remains underreported and undiagnosed.
Tethering of the vertebral artery in the congenital arcuate foramen of the atlas vertebrae: a possible cause of vertebral artery dissection in children.
A CT angiogram showed complete occlusion of her left subclavian artery about 2 cm above its origin and occlusion of her left vertebral artery from its origin to the C5-C6 level.
LoDico punctured Cathy's left vertebral artery, and during the injection of a steroid and anesthetic solution, Cathy became unresponsive, and an ambulance transported Cathy to Sewickley Valley Hospital, which transferred her to Allegheny General Hospital that same day.
Magnetic resonance angiography has been very useful in the diagnosis of dissections, particularly vertebral artery dissections, he said.
The accident, at a beach on the Greek holiday isle of Lefkas in September 1999, caused whiplash that damaged her vertebral artery, she claims.
Even though such surgery - called basilar or vertebral artery occlusion - has been performed sporadically at a variety of institutions worldwide since 1962, this study is the first large-scale analysis of results.