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However, a quantitative analysis of changes in the complexity of the vertebral column in a random sample of mammalian lineages reveals a nearly equal number of increases and decreases.
Instrumentation failure after posterior vertebral column resection in adult spinal deformity.
Cervical vertebral column morphology related to craniofacial morphology and head posture in preorthodontic children with Class II malocclusion and horizontal maxillary overjet.
All radiographs were evaluated and lesions were classified according to their location within vertebral column ([C.
High quality computerized tomography of the vertebral column is the best assessment tool for stability of the vertebral column.
The three-joint complex--called the functional spinal unit (FSU)--is the smallest component in the vertebral column that represents the biomechanics of the overall spine.
Amer al-Ankabi a while ago in Germany to have him perform surgeries on vertebral column and skin defects," Ghadanfar al-Bateekh told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
This means that finishers selling 24-30 month-old slaughter animals, particularly heifers, will no longer be faced with a two-tier market driven by the heavy discounts caused by the additional cost of vertebral column removal faced by many butchers and wholesalers.
It is widely accepted that structures in the thoracic region of the vertebral column are a potential source of pain.
In an inquiry assessing the BSE risk of such foodstuffs, EFSA's scientific panel on biohazards has concluded: "Human exposures due to gelatine produced from bones including the skull and vertebral column sources from cattle of any age are very low and do not support the continuation of (any) restriction prohibiting" gelatine production from these bones.
The cow's vertebral column was thought to be particularly dangerous because concentrations of BSE-causing proteins have been found in nervous tissue rather than muscle.
The sympathetic chain are two ganglionated nerve cords lying on either side of the vertebral column, extending from the cranial base to the coccyx.