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7,16,17) The increased mobility of this region compared with other areas of the vertebral column seems to be a predisposing factor for the location of inflammation.
After an initial trial is completed, the class might read Thompson's chapter on the vertebral column as a double-cantilever bridge, which stresses the need to increase the arch of the vertebral column and bridge as span and load increase.
Patients with an osteoblastoma localized in the vertebral column may complain of radiating pain, tingling, weakness, paresthesias, and even paraplegia.
This suggests the vertebra may be from an anterior part of the vertebral column, but because of this difference, only a tentative allocation to species is suggested here.
The three-day Arab Vertebral Column Conference is the sixth of its kind, and this year aims to discuss 120 research papers dealing with the latest scientific developments in the field of brain, nerve and backbone surgery as well as advancements linked to natural medicine and x-ray sensitivity among other issues.
The vertebral compression deformity can also be further evaluated in terms of morphology, height loss, presence or absence of cleft, location in the vertebral column, and size of pedicles.
The external vertebral venous plexuses (anterior and posterior) surround the vertebral column.
Contributors also describe NIOM in surgery of the vertebral column, spinal cord, tethered cord, peripheral nerves, cerebellopotine angle (microvascular decompression and tumor), thoracic aorta, carotid artery, and in cases of epilepsy-related surgery, selective dorsal rhizotomy and lumbosacral surgery.
The age limit at which vertebral column must be removed has now been increased from 24 to 30 months, but Mr Rees said NFU Cymru wants to scrap age discrimination altogether.
One box in a recent National beef shipment to Japan contained product containing bovine vertebral column, which is prohibited by Japan.
A total of 15 carcasses were split by sawing centrally down the vertebral column and left sides of split carcasses were used for analysis.