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It has elevated to 53% in some states of US and globally the rate of caesarean section (CS) in Nulliparous at term and singleton pregnancy with vertex presentation (NTSV) varies widely, from 10.
Attempting vaginal delivery with vertex presentation at 24 0/7 to 27 6/7 weeks of gestation did not significantly affect neonatal mortality.
RESULTS: Eighty-one percent of the fetuses in the intervention group converted to vertex presentation compared with 48% of those in the comparison group.
3) Another Dutch survey compared the PNMR in breech presentation with that in vertex presentation in singleton pregnancies; it was concluded that breech presentation is not coincidental but a consequence of 'poor fetal quality'.
A breech can sometimes be manipulated by the physician into a vertex presentation as the expectant mother approaches the last month of pregnancy, when the fetus can be more easily maneuvered externally.
Women were admitted with spontaneous and active labour (4cm or more cervical dilation with regular uterine contraction) between 37 to 40 weeks of gestation, with singleton pregnancy, vertex presentation and intact membrane.