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TRANSMISSION, civ. law. The right which heirs or legatees may have of passing to their successors, the inheritance or legacy to which they were entitled, if they happen to die without having exercised their rights. Domat, liv. 3, t. 1, s. 10; 4 Toull. n. 186; Dig. 50, 17, 54; Code, 6, 51.

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Tariq Abdullah, has explained that project to prevent vertical transmission of the AIDS virus from the infected pregnant woman to the fetus aims to achieve two objectives represented in realization of the sustainable development goals of the Millennium Development and the reduction of maternal and child mortality .
Cuba, part of a regional initiative led by PAHO and WHO to eliminate vertical transmission of HIV and syphilis, achieved its goal by ensuring early access to prenatal care, HIV and syphilis testing for pregnant women and their partners, treatment for those who test positive and their babies, substitution of breastfeeding among those affected, and prevention of HIV and syphilis before and during pregnancy through promotion of condoms use and other measures.
Samples collected for analysis of vertical transmission of eye infections, Angola, 2011-2012 Sample type Augusto Health Center of N'Gangula Samba Total Endocervical 169 143 312 Conjunctival * 130 125 255 Total 299 268 567 *For reasons other than exclusion criteria, samples from 57 newborns were not obtained.
3] Even a single dose of nevirapine, when administered during labour and to an infant after birth, can reduce vertical transmission by 50% because it rapidly crosses the placenta.
HIV testing to reduce the risk of vertical transmission Pregnant women generally represent a low-prevalence population that undergoes HIV testing during prenatal care.
Effect of antiretroviral use on HIV vertical transmission rate and injection drug use on adherence in British Columbia, Canada.
In particular context of HIV among new born, she said it was a vertical transmission disease.
A key focus of the Positive Action for Children Fund is to stimulate grassroots community action to deliver and support interventions, to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV (PMTCT), to bring us one step closer to eliminating the vertical transmission of HIV.
7% of cases while blood transfusion and vertical transmission comprised 2.
Beasley PR, Shiao IS, Stevens CE, Meng HO Evidence against breastfeeding as a mechanism for vertical transmission of Hepatitis B.
A study of uptake of treatment for prevention of mother-to-child transmission among a cohort of HIV-positive pregnant or breastfeeding women in Zimbabwe looked at which combinations of treatment and breastfeeding might lead to a greater reduction in vertical transmission and the effect of women dropping out in the process between the first antenatal visit and cessation of breastfeeding.