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The quadrilateral snake D(Qn) is a graph obtained from a path Pn with vertices u1, u2 , .
In this case of a graph folding f the set of singularities, [summation]f, consists of vertices only.
First observe, that if there is a pair of vertices x, y [member of] V([C.
An unconstrained path is one that may pass through any of vertices, edges or faces.
Vertices provides the security and efficiency needed to manage such demands and control an organization's entire media library.
Recall that the vertex set and edge set of triangular ladder areEquationThe triangular ladder TLn has 2 vertices of degree 2, 2 vertices of degree 3, and 2n - 2 vertices of degree 4.
B&L's Vertices media management system leverages HP's comprehensive backup and recovery offerings by using a Vertices Automation Agent(TM) to receive relevant media information from HP OpenView Omniback II.
The irregularity strength can be interpreted as the smallest integer for which can be turned into a multigraph by replacing each edge by a set of at most parallel edges, such that the degrees of the vertices in are all different.
By building Automation Agents to NetWorker, Vertices creates a unified environment that gives system administrators complete control over their vault and retention policies that can be as extensive as their enterprise system.
This announcement follows the introduction of Vertices automated tape logging capabilities for Computer Associate's ARCserveIT and Veritas' Backup Exec.
The Vertices removable media management solution complements Backup Exec's comprehensive workstation and server backup facilities by solving the problem of extending control of the actual media once it is removed from the backup server or attached storage unit.
a leading provider of computer media management software, today announced the Vertices(TM) ARCserveIT Automation Agent, a module that directly links the Vertices comprehensive, enterprise-wide removable media management system to Computer Associates' ARCserveIT for Microsoft Windows NT environments.