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11) One could say that Paulina in The Winter's Tale refines Leontes's mind and soul by "trying," by creatively vexing him in a Baconian sense.
The explicit invocation of the lauded, vexing, self-contradictory, exhausting, but never exhausted German clinician of painting's continued possibilities is perverse yet apt in Choi's paintings.
But all of this prompts a vexing question: Why did it take Allen and Priest's story to spur all those eager editorialists into action ?
Ultimately, this book identifies a point of origin for many vexing questions that continue to drive research on music today, while simultaneously providing a point of departure for what we can only hope will be equally sophisticated work on other moments in the development of black music criticism.
Martinz Quickly Shortz areams up a few vexing jumbles (38) Gertrude Beal Quincy Jones vowed to fix the bleak jazz program (40) Julie Levin Quip-crazy Gorbachev went and mixed flapjacks (39) Tony White Schwarzkopf vexed Iraq big-time in July (33) William F.
The most vexing uncertainty arose from America's ongoing war on terrorism and the possibility of war with Iraq.
The vexing question posed by this month's cover story "Where Are the Leaders?
Utah State Senator Curt Bramble, who was instrumental in helping him overcome a number of vexing bureaucratic hurdles on the road to citizenship, believes that the "description of Ramon as a war hero is an understatement of his character.
The discovery, which solves a problem that has been vexing the semiconductor industry for nearly 30 years, opens the door to significantly less expensive optical communications, high-frequency radio devices and high-speed microprocessor-based subsystems by potentially eliminating the current cost barriers holding back many advanced applications.
Here is a sample, chosen (truly) at random: 'Terra ingognita: poor Rosicrucian vexing an innocent lama, trying to collar a gnat with diaphanous thread, hurling sanctimonious invectives on fir trees - burglar sent by rhyme.
The use made of the manuscripts of the Satyricon by French humanist scholars represents one of the most vexing problems in Petronian scholarship.
These are deeply vexing questions, and credible answers may be a long time coming - if they come at all.