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Some soldiers, no matter how repulsed by their MREs, will still balk at a Baghdad Burger or Saddam Stew, and more elegant recipes for human meat are vexingly hard to find.
As Neil Nakadate has observed, this is a common plight for characters of Warren's later fiction, who "clearly, vexingly, possess the maturity of lives lived more than understood [.
He continued: 'The next vexingly unconvincing argument was similar.
Discerning the meaning of suffering proves vexingly difficult for Caroline in a world in which discrete afflictions come clouded with numerous petty distractions.
The questions behind these assertions are vexingly difficult: What do we do about it?
Vexingly, the transplant community has not been able to meet the demand for donor organs that these clinical successes have generated.
They are harder now for three reasons--reasons which, vexingly enough, move in different, conflicting directions.
Guy," a driver who, regardless of the law, takes driving graciousness to a vexingly irritating level.
So baroque, complicated, and contradictory is White on Black on White that it resists precis, and Dowell's "presence" as author is beguilingly and vexingly obscure.
It's vexingly difficult to derive true drama from such blinkered characters, whose motivations are both unpredictable and unintelligible, but about half of "Big Love's" story lines tie into Bill -- an otherwise seemingly sane, intelligent man -- being cowed by these crazies.
What a wasted opportunity, and how vexingly inconsistent the Oregon offense has become.
While the artist is clearly pointing to the fact that for young women access to power often comes through sex or violence or, more vexingly, through a confusion of the two, she hardly offers a resolution.