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The Vibrance Collection primers, VP2050 DTM High-Build Primer and VP2100 Polyester Primer, create ideal foundations for custom and restoration projects.
Tamanna Vasandani, founder of Vibrance, says the event aims to cater to the burgeoning luxury and fashion market.
From modest beginnings in 2010, Vibrance has today become a steady platform for local and international labels looking to cater to luxury spenders and new concepts looking for an exposure to a select VIP clientele in the UAE.
She said: "I can tell already there is a vibrance to music fans in Scotland.
The princess cut is the second most popular cut shape for diamonds, next to round brilliants and aligning four princess-cut diamonds together presents a unique vibrance that instantly conveys the buyer's admiration for the one he loves.
Williams and gangster supermodel all in one--a protean confluence of identities Indiana channels through the vibrance of her feral electro-mambo band, Los Misterios.
Creating pockets of dense, mixed-use development governed by design standards that promote vibrance and livability, is a great way to strengthen Bellingham for the future.
James always seemed so full of energy, vibrance, and enthusiasm that death never seemed to be on the horizon.
The colours, which naturally appear in the vegetable as a result of breeding techniques, retain their vibrance during cooking, and the florets are said to taste the same as standard white cauliflower.
Chelsea Mixon performs Dashti with vibrance, spirit, and an unfailingly right voice for all parts of the story.
The Bite of Eugene coalesced with the Oregon Festival of American Music's production of "Brigadoon" and the First Friday Art Walk to show off the life and vibrance of a sometimes drearily painted downtown.
Some pieces pop with vibrance, others are shaded in pastels; some artists even paint instead of draw by mixing ground-up chalk with water.