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households in 2009, supplemented with the vibrancy measures, uncovers new knowledge about economically and statistically significant relationships among vibrancy, emissions, and public transit use.
By all means lets have vibrancy, but a better quality of vibrancy than we are about to be served up with.
All PureOlogy products are scientifically formulated to enhance color vibrancy and intensify hair's shine.
THE new cabinet line-up will bring renewed vibrancy and energy to the Government, Bertie Ahern claimed yesterday.
The issue of JI you hold in your hands debuts a new look, a new vibrancy and a ripe audacity that is already driving us forward into uncharted territory.
Both the video and the book document the stunning growth and vibrancy of Christianity in China"--which, by some estimates, has led to a population of 100 million believers, most of whom worship outside government-approved channels.
But nobody can deny that the capital's university and colleges play a vital role, adding vibrancy and colour to the area.
Gender is a significant theme for Tomaselli, and he explores it in terms that but for the vibrancy of the work might seem cliched.
In him we find vibrancy of life, and a firm compassion that does not deny our suffering but transforms and illuminates it.
Publishers have good things to say about the vibrancy of the market.
For those not familiar with a countertenor sound, it occupies the territory normally associated with a falsetto or the archaic, surgically altered castrato, often reaching the high A's of a soprano but with lustrous, high volume vibrancy and a healthy vibrato.
Herein lies what Truant believes is the reason for both the continued vibrancy of compagnonnage in the nineteenth century and its ultimate marginalization and decline.