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Re-creating his work for the play's 2004 staging at Playwrights' Arena, director Jon Lawrence Rivera brings Hagedorn's odyssey vibrantly to life.
The result are reproduced paintings that are as vibrantly colored as the originals.
The crisp color art vibrantly illustrates the true story of a remarkable religious leader; The Life of Pope John Paul II.
All that remains now is for the city to complete its broader landscape vision so that the building's external environment is as vibrantly settled as those on the interior.
There his passion for intricate visual tangles, catching foreground and background in the same allover net and giving the eye no place to rest, reaches a point of frenzy, and his tendency to defy the tonal rules of printmaking reaches its apogee with photo-geographies that are bleached-out yet detail-ridden and somehow manage to convey the essence of the vibrantly hostile place all the same, as well as photography's essential weddedness to the "excess of fact.
From simple and elegant to vibrantly cheerful, the colors and patterns ran the gamut.
Zen Shorts offers simple stories from ancient literature that are filled with love and are vibrantly illustrated wih watercolors and elegant ink drawings.
95) is an inventory of the rare, quickly shrinking species of ancient landscapes set beside stunning, vibrantly colored images.
Testing is said to reveal that Alcryn MPR colors more vibrantly and with less pigment than many TPEs.
Are there ways we could worship more abundantly, more vibrantly, imitating the energy, enthusiasm, and movement of the Pharisee?
based company is unveiling Raya, a line featuring products that have contoured shapes and distinct rubber grips and are available in vibrantly colored polycarbonate and stainless steel vacuum-insulated versions.