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The butterfly's tympanal membrane works like [a human] eardrum, in that it vibrates in response to sound waves" says Kathleen Lucas, a biologist at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada.
People might have to pay attention to what's in front of their nose, but caterpillars have to pay attention to what vibrates under their feet.
Unlike a hearing aid, the Soundbridge is a direct-drive prosthesis, which mechanically vibrates the bones in the middle ear without surgically altering middle ear structures.
For the most part, a string vibrates at a specific, standard rate (or frequency), say 440 times per second, which is the note A.
The Japan Dental Association warned on its website that if a sonic toothbrush, which vibrates faster than a conventional electric toothbrush, is used for too long during a single session, it may damage the gums.
One Citroen model already vibrates the driver's trousers, but I'm going to resist all tiresome nationalist stereotypes about why a French company came up withthis first (or what the Italians - no, we'd better leave it there.
A cautionary alert-one that suggests only slight braking is needed-also illuminates a yellow warning light, but vibrates the front of the driver's seat.
In a magnetic field, the alloy vibrates at a specific frequency.
That means everything in our world, from light, which vibrates at a really high frequency, to the really low vibration of a rock.
When the hammer strikes the string as a result of key depression, the string begins to vibrate, first along its full length--producing a sound called the fundamental--and then it vibrates in sections, first in halves, then in thirds, then quarters and so on, creating sounds called overtones or upper partials, which are higher in pitch than the fundamental.
but it does offer another stimulating sensation - it vibrates.
At the other end the cup vibrates and so does the air inside it.